Import Consultancy

We run all necessary processes to deliver the products that you want to import with desired quality and eligibility, affordable price, on time, and provide turn-key solutions.

For this purpose, we conduct detailed market research of required products, evaluate the solutions, run negotiations with determined companies and create solutions for delivering products with desired quality and, affordable price on time.

Regarding the product that you want to import, we conduct detailed producer/supplier [something's missing here!] on international markets, commence the procurement process by evaluating the acquired inputs in the line of quality, price and time, provide the delivery of your products to your warehouse by managing effective, productive, fast and low cost logistics, and complete the [Itir, this is a guess on my part – I think a verb is needed here!] customs process.

If you:

  • want to find and procure the desired qualified product that you want to import on international markets
  • want effective, productive, fast and result-oriented export operations,
  • want to import products with low cost by correctly calculating all cost items from your supplier's warehouse to yours,
  • want to import by overcoming the problems arising from international trade regulations and lacking language skills,
  • want to minimize the risks of import by working with a professional team in all your import processes

we would be glad to serve you.