Export Consultancy

We develop strategies for customers, sectors and countries targeted in foreign markets, aimed to perform your current export operations on time, fast and correctly, to find new markets and customers, developing relations with current markets and customers, to form an effective, productive and long term export managing strategy,

  • if you trust your company and products and desire to increase your sales and productivity on international markets,
  • if you demand to minimize your costs and increase the productivity of your operational proceedings in your exports at the moment,
  • if you intend to perform all your export processes systematically by building professional and corporate structures and want effective, fast and result-oriented export processes.
  • We will be glad to ensure the best service for you.

Export Consultancy Services

  • Analyzing the company and its products, get ready for export
  • Establishing our corporate export system
  • Determining international market strategies
  • Determining target markets
  • Creating market penetration strategies
  • Determining potential customers and necessary negotiations
  • Managing export and organization of all customs, logistics and other processes from the preparation of product to delivery to the customer