Types Of Other Agricultural Film


Silage is a type of feed used to provide the rich coarse fodder of animals and is obtained by the fermentation of green plants that have high contents of water by means of lactic acid bacteria under anaerobic conditions and can be used to provide fresh green feed for animals in stockbreeding and dairy breeding for a specific period during the year.
Silage films, however, are UV stabilizer-added, long-life, light-proof polyethylene films with high mechanical endurance that protect the silage during usage by means of their impermeable feature, and are manufactured to protect the silage produced to supply the fresh feed needs of animals.

Silage films are manufactured as 3 layers using CO-EX technology up to 10 meters wide, within the range of 100-200 microns thick and in black & white and green & black.

Silage stretch film is manufactured with the highest quality raw materials and multilayer blown film production technology.

This provides very strong, elastic, good stretch properties, good cling between layers, high puncture resistance and most importantly air and moisture impermeability to our customers.

Our products are guaranteed for 12 months protection against UV degradation and feature high UV stabilization.
Silage stretch film can be manufactured in three colours: opaque white, light green and black, and standard widths are 500 mm and 750 mm.

Environmentally friendly silage stretch film is 100% recyclable.