Industrial Products


Polyethylene films used for the packaging of products such as marble, bricks, ceramics, raw materials, etc. by means of heating with an automatic shrinking oven, blowtorch or flame gun to prevent the scattering of products placed on pallets and to protect the products from dust, rain and sun.

Pallet shrink wrap films can be manufactured at desired thicknesses and with or without UV stabilizer additives for long-lasting usage in rollers for automatic/manual usage.


A stretch hood is a tube of film sealed on one end, which is stretched over a palletized load to secure the contents to the pallet.The film is cut to the appropriate length, heat sealed at the top end, and gathered on four fingers.
These fingers stretch the film in the horizontal (transverse) direction then draw the stretched film down over the pallet.By varying the unwrapping rate, a degree of stretch can be obtained to better hold the load on the pallet.
The fingers release the film, which typically wraps under the pallet bottom.

Stretch hood film provides you with:

  • Waterproof pallet cover for dust, rain and UV protection
  • Film is flexible, maintains tension and holds the product tight on the pallet.
  • Transparent film allows your product to be displayed and barcode to be scanned through film
  • Weatherproof protection suitable for outside storage
  • Continuous uninterrupted production – one roller of film wraps 500-800 pallets, therefore minimum production loss due to film changeovers
  • Low fixed cost of film per pallet – can not be wasted
  • Low energy consumption – no heating required, no hazard
  • Flexible – automatic adjusting for different height pallets
  • Excellent branding of palletized load with printed film
  • Film easily removed by your customer or retailer – usage of recyclable film
  • Cost effective alternative to spiral stretch or shrink wrapping
  • A quite simple and perfect solution to wrapping pallets