Types Of Greenhouse Films


Greenhouses are custom structures that enable out-of-season cultivation environments by means of optimizing plant cultivation conditions when seasons are not favourable and allow the control of factors such as temperature, light, humidity and air movements.

Modern greenhousing means acquiring high quality and high productivity by means of using advanced technology in greenhouse cultivation.

Our greenhouse films are manufactured with advanced multi-layered film technology CO-EX, based on optional additives, and for various operating times, depending on the purpose of use and the cultivation requirements and intended purpose. They are aimed to acquire MAXIMUM BENEFIT and HIGH EARNINGS by presenting QUALITY growing crop opportunities to producer and agriculture with guarantee periods of 4-12-18-24-36 months.


PRODUCT 4 M 12 M 18 M 24 M 36 M
200 110 160 175 200
1.000 m2 WEIGHT (Kg) 185 102 160 162 185
THICKNESS (mikron)
- - - 139 162
1.000 m2 WEIGHT (Kg) - - - 150 175
IR + EVA ADV. THICKNESS (mikron) - - - 146 170
1.000 m2 WEIGHT (Kg) - - - 146 170


Each film is manufactured as 3 layers and each layer is formulated separately by co-extrusion technology.The modern CO-EX technology used at production facilities allows every raw material and additive, used accordingly for maximum benefit and needs, to be combined and eliminates any problem that may arise due to the mixture of some of the substances.

This system allows the formula, comprising of the raw material and additives, to be prepared correctly and perfectly by means of electronic controls and feeds it to the machine.

Moreover, the measures such as the width, length and thickness of film to be produced are automatically entered in the machine

Due to the high level of automation, the thickness distribution tolerance of our greenhouse films is at a high-quality level.

Anka International promises to offer the highest standard product and service to our customers.

We promise to offer the products manufactured using the most appropriate materials to meet the needs of the customer and offer to invest in state-of-the-art technology.

Our quality policy aims to offer impeccable products and services that meet the conditions agreed with customers.


  • Seasonal films
  • UV protection
  • Special production (Flower, Vegetable, fruit)
  • High light transmittance
  • Light Diffusion (Light Diffision)
  • Thermal Effect
  • High physical resistance
  • Anti Drip / Anti Dust / Anti Virus / Anti-Mist Effect



1a-) HALS UV

Protects the polymer structure of the greenhouse cover against low-wavelength solar rays from the sun.The service life of the greenhouse cover depends on the thickness of the greenhouse cover and the quality and usage of the UV used.The HALS UVs are used in greenhouses, while other UV types are used in production.



The THT UV is used to prevent oxidation of the polymer chains against polyethylene sun rays, which protects the greenhouse cover from harmful effects of these rays and prolongs their service life.

UV additive stabilizes photosynthesis by providing a perfect balance of light distribution that ensures stable plant growth as well as adverse effects of the sun.

The Anti Virus (A.V) feature prevents the white blood cell from spreading virus disease. Besides, it does not affect the operation of the bee absolutely adversely.

At the same time, THT-UV, a high-tech product, has chemical resistance that is not comparable to classic Hals UVs.

The shelf life of the greenhouse cover depends on the thickness of the greenhouse cover and the quality and usage of the UV used.

1c-) NIQ UV

Classical UV-produced greenhouse covers; sulfur-containing pesticides, sulfur-based acids. Therefore, when exposed to sulfur and sulfur-based chemicals, they become unusable before the greenhouse cover. NIQ UV green greenhouses, also called anti-chemical, are extremely resistant to sulfur use.

NIQ UV green greenhouse covers. It should be known that green imitation greenhouse covers colored with paint.

IR (Infrared Ray Barrier)

2a-) Thermal Properties Reduce heat escape from the greenhouse through the radiation.Due to its nature, the environment and soil temperature in the greenhouse are 2 to 4 ° C higher on days when the weather is clear on equivalent conditions to IR unused veils.The nighttime and daytime temperature difference is reduced by allowing the seranin to cool more slowly at night.Reduce the risk of frost, increase yield and quality.Besides, it saves a significant amount of heating cost of the sera.

2b-) Diffusion Feature The IR additive with added DIFFUSION feature allows sunlight to enter the greenhouse more effectively and breaks down.As the sun's rays penetrate into the greenhouse, it breaks and spreads, preventing plants from shading each other. The light reaches up to the lower leaves.

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) / EBA (Ethylene Butyl Acrylate)

  • Due to EVA / EBA addition, mechanical properties such as elasticity of greenhouse cover, tear resistance and impact resistance have been increased.
  • With the use of this additive, the greenhouse cover is perfectly matched to different weather conditions (such as heavy winds, hail).
  • The EVA / EBA additive also increases the thermal properties and light transmittance of the greenhouse cover.


In the greenhouse cover used with A.F, the fogging that occurs during the birth of the sun is reduced. The useful life of A.Mist additive is about 3-8 months depending on the usage conditions of the greenhouse cover, depending on the ventilation of the greenhouse structure.


The used A.F. contributes to the formation of water droplets on the inner surface of the greenhouse by increasing the surface tension of the water molecules. This prevents fungal diseases caused by the drop of sunburn and water droplets on the plant due to the lens feature caused by the water droplets on the inner surface of the greenhouse. quality improvement is achieved. useful life of the contribution; It is around 12-18 months depending on the climate conditions and usage of the greenhouse cover.a


It prevents the dust from sticking to the greenhouse cover. Depending on the sunlight's tobacco diminishes, the riskie removes from the middle. It eliminates the loss of efficiency due to light insufficiency. Seranın always provides better and more efficient light.

IR (Infrared Ray Barrier)